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The Foundations

Affiliate Marketing

Dual Opportunity. A great way to increase sales of your products and services but also a way for you to earn a side income.

Online Courses

Have a skill that you can teach or help others with? Online courses are a great way to learn but also a good way to earn income.


eBooks are another great way to create a product which you can sell but sales as always, depends on good marketing.


Ads are one of the simplest ways to earn money on websites but you can also create your own Ad network to earn more.

Highlighted Kali Sites

Here are a few of the websites which are part of the Kali Marketing group.

Each site has a different focus.


MyNetWorth helps others to calculate your net worth and offers tips on how to achieve your financial goals with different methods and techniques.

Clever Home

Clever Home is a specialised Blog site which focuses on the best ways to achieve a Smart Home in the most cost-effective way possible.

VM Pros

Using Virtualisation technology can improve your business efficiency and resilience. VM Pros has the skills and experience to drive your business forwards.


Bath Marketing provides great resources on marketing tools and topics, whilst also offering actual marketing services for businesses in any industry to use.

DJ Mastery

DJ Mastery is a resource for up-and-coming DJs and anyone who is interested in becoming a DJ. Find out about the latest equipment recently released.

Life of Spike

Life of Spike is a Blog site documenting the progress of an adorable French Bulldog, sharing experiences, tips and product recommendations with owners.

I'm Charles.

I have always been interested in business, technology and computing. I studied software engineering at the University of the West of England (UWE) back in 2002 and have had a long career in IT since.

The biggest shift I have seen in business technology has been in marketing technology. Marketing departments now spend more on technology than the IT department which is the first time IT has ever been outspent on tech.

Marketing technology and in the future marketing AI will solely determine if a business will survive or thrive.


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